Éric Lambé

in collaboration with Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna, Galerie Martel

In the last years, the usually linear narration of graphic novel is getting unhinged, throwing sequential art towards directions which experiment with language in a more lyrical manner and playing irreverently both with visual associations and temporal rhythms. In order to propose a reflection on these themes, BilBOlbul created a focus around some authors who reflect on this type of not strictly linear narration in Comics.


Apparizioni/Sparizioni | November 24th – December 17th | Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna | Inauguration on Friday, November 24th h 6pm

The exhibition curated by BilBOlbul will be focused on the graphic production of Eric Lambé, the Belgian cartoonist who won the 2017 Fauve d’Or award, the occurrence in which he had the chance to show up the modalities he uses to devise his visual narration. The exhibition will not follow either a chronological order or a strict partition in thematical areas, so to give singular space to any single work and to emphasise all the stylistic and compositional aspects of any single piece. In this manner, the viewer will be able to recognise the not linear narration of the author, which is based on his personal use of fragment and detail in the construction of scenes, which is almost never built on the use of a long field; on his use of symbolic aspects and citation; on the sudden passage from an image to another through consecutive visual associations and on the transfiguration of different forms into others.


Apparizioni/Sparizioni | Friday, November 24th h 4pm | Scuola di Lettere e Beni Culturali – Aula 6

With Eric Lambé, Philippe de Pierpont, Modena Matteo Stefanelli

In collaboration with Università di Bologna – Scuola di Lettere e Beni Culturali

Promoted by Transbook Children’s literature on the move

Non sequitur | Saturday, November 25th h 6pm | Biblioteca Salaborsa – Auditorium

With Eric Lambé, Davide Reviati, Conor Stechschulte. Moderated by Fabio Donalisio

In collaboration with Università di Bologna – Scuola di Lettere e Beni Culturali

Promoted by Transbook Children’s literature on the move


At the beginning of the Nineties, after his studies at Brussel’s Fine Arts School, Lambé founded the Moka group, which was at the base of the creation of the namesake magazine (renamed Pelure Amère from 1992 until the closure occurred in 1994). From 1990 to 1994, he published different novels on other Belgian magazines of that time: Frigorevue and Frigobox in French, Bill in Flemish. The majority of the stories written in French are gathered on his first Comics publication Les Jours Ouvrables, released for Amok editions in 1994. Since 1998, he began a collaboration with Philippe de Pierpont, who published, after an initial short story (Sifr, in Le Cheval Sans Tête volume 5, 1998), other four works: Alberto G. in 2003, La Pluie in 2005, Un Voyage in 2008 and Paysage après la bataille in 2016. Eric Lambé illustrated also two of Marie Desplechin’s books (Le Sac à Main, 2004; La Photo, 2005) and a children’s book: Le Voyage de Djuku (2003), written by Alain Corbel. In 2017 Paysage après la bataille won the Fauve d’Or award at D’Angoulême Festival.