Fabio Tonetto

In order to connect the work of big artists with the one of the younger generations, an exhibition this year is also dedicated to Fabio Tonetto, a young versatile artist. His art works show how it is possible to experiment with different styles and materials, such as sculptures made of fimo, animation, digital or paper comics. Along with other artists like Jacovitti and Topffer, Tonetto’s work falls within the “comic” theme of this year’s edition of BilBolBul.


I didn’t do anything today (oggi non ho fatto niente)Nov. 24 – Dic. 3 | Capodilucca Creative HubInauguration Nov. 24, 8 pm

This exhibition is dedicated to the work of Fabio Tonetto, a versatile artist who works on different materials but always keeps a surrealistic style. His world is populated by characters inspired by cartoons, Adverstisement and toys from the Eighties, characterized by curves and acid colours, all mixed in dizzying vortexes. Through the distortion of the substance, that he explores with different techniques, Tonetto seems to be investigating the forms that steadily emerge from the blank page and disappear in it at the same time. Forms become solid and then dissolve in fizzy coils of coloured clouds, which give his art works a touch of vulnerability, even though they don’t lose vitality. This change happens in front of your eyes, but it’s not free of tragic nature: in fact, conversations between the characters have always a subtle vicious and detached tone, typical of a group of friends that meet up in a bar in their town and talk about existential questions.


Urca Festival | Conversation | Nov. 25, 9 pm | Urca Studio

with Paolo Cattaneo, Fabio Tonetto. Moderator Elena Orlandi

Rolling on the floor laughing (Ridere fino alle lacrime) | Nov. 26, 2.30 pm| Biblioteca Salaborsa - Auditorium

With Dottor Pira, Alessio Spataro, Fabio Tonetto. Moderator Matteo Gaspari
Reflections on how the comic genre is evolving and how new artists tell stories about the present time using humor and surrealism


Fabio Tonetto was born in Alessandria.
His works have been published in many fanzines and projects (Amenità, Lök, Puck!, Delebile, collettivomensa, A4GOD, WATT, Teiera, B comics, Retina, Costola) and on magazines such as Rolling Stone, Frigidaire, Barricate, Linus e Vice USA.
His last work is the book Rufolo, edited by Eris Edizioni.
In 2017 he won the prize Boscarato “miglior autore unico italiano” (best Italian unique artist) of the Treviso Comic & Book Festival
He lives and works in Turin