Teresa Sdralevich | Stampa con lode. Manifesti e libri di Teresa Sdralevich  ( Print cum laude. Posters and books by Teresa Sdralevich )

november 23rd 2018 – january 6th 2019 | Corraini MAMbo artbookshop
meeting with the author november 24th

Posters create visual short circuits. Combining images, colours and typographically elaborated texts triggers chemical reactions in the viewers: understanding, joy, dismay, surprise, resentment. A poster is a politic statement.
In occasion of BilBOlbul 2018, posters made by Teresa Sdralevich, author of Poster Power (Corraini, 2018), will be shown in an exhibition at Corraini MAMbo artbookshop.


Teresa Sdralevich is a graphic designer, an illustrator and a printer. She was born in Milan and graduated in Political Science in Bologna. She now lives in Bruxelles. Teresa designs covers and poster for political purposes, for public utility and for cultural events. She is author and illustrator of children and non-children books. With Corraini Edizioni she just published Poster Power! Fantastici poster & come farli.