Amandine Meyer / Luca Di Sciullo

BBB Room: le stanze del Cappello Rosso

The hotel Al Cappello Rosso has become over the years a sort of guestbook of BilBOlbul. Since the first editions of the festival, the hotel has hosted some artists and asked them to leave a sign of their visit to Bologna. This is the story of the BBB rooms: theme rooms, made unique by one or more artists who are invited to decorate, redesign, rearrange the space. Past editions featured Blexbolex, Liniers, Ruppert & Mulot, Alessandro Baronciani, Anna Deflorian, Alice Socal, Laurent Moreau, Bastien Contraire.

Ninfeo | Al Cappello Rossoby Amandine Meyeropening November 25th h 7.30 p.m

in cooperation with di Fondazione Nuovi Mecenati

This year French cartoonist and visual artist Amandine Meyer has been appointed for the renovation of one of the rooms at the hotel Al Cappello Rosso. Colorful and pop decoration, embroidered fabrics, pottery creations: Meyer combines all the elements of her style to add a charming and surreal touch to the room.

BBB Room 2017 | Al Cappello Rossosetting by Luca Di Sciulloopening November 25th h 7.30 p.m

Next to Amandine Meyer’s room, you can visit another room exhibiting the illustrations made for the hotel by last year’s guests, in a set specifically created by Luca Di Sciullo.


Amandine Meyer is an artist and illustrator based in Montreuil, France. She usually prefers smaller formats, and her drawings are made with a clear line style and no coloring. She also makes digitally colored engravings and watercolor illustrations. She creates children’s book as well as books for adults and fanzines. She has been into self-publishing since 2004 and has worked with F-L-T-M-S-T-P-C, Kaugummi Books, ION, Misma, Solo ma non troppo. Histoire décolorée (Misma, 2017) is her first book. She also makes ceramics sculptures and artistic installation, often in collaboration with other artists

Luca di Sciullo, born in 1987, lives in a small town near the wonderful Urbino, where he starts to form his first artistic interests by attending Scuola del Libro (Book’s school) and a two-year specialization course in animation and illustration. These experiences began to influence his poetics. Once decided that his path was that of the illustrator, he moves to Bologna where he solidifies his graphic style. Here he attends to the Academy of Fine Arts, living the artistic turmoil of the city with exhibitions and DIY projects. He is best debuting author at “Autori di Immagini” in 2013 and works with the magazines “Lo Straniero” and “Hamelin”.