Gioco al massacro ( Twisted game )

november 25th h 12.30 a.m | Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna – Aula Magna

with Ruppert & Mulot
also attending Matteo Stefanelli

in collaboration with Erasmus Mundus in Culture Letterarie Europee, Institut français Italia, Canicola, Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

Florent Ruppert and Jerome Mulot are among the most original and creative contemporary cartoonists.
Combining simple lines for characters drawing and abstract narratives, they have renewed the use of language in comics, as in Irene e i clochard – Irene and the homeless (Canicola, 2009), La tecnica del perineo – The perineum method (Rizzoli Lizard, 2014) and Famiglia Reale – Royal Family, recently published by Canicola Edizioni. During this meeting they will reflect on their careers and on the mark they have made in today’s comics culture.