Io sono Una (I am Una)

November 22nd h 5.30 pm | Libreria delle Donne di Bologna

with Una
also with Silvia Carboni, Linda Chiaramonte

in collaboration with Add Editore, Libreria delle Donne di Bologna, Casa delle donne per non subire violenza ONLUS, Rete Attraverso lo specchio

Yorkshire, 1977.
UNA, author and protagonist of this graphic memoir, is 12 years old. During those years, a mysterious serial killer called “the Ripper” sowed panic, killing one woman after another. The book simultaneously describes the personal story of UNA, who tries to overcome the trauma of the violence she suffered, hunting down the Ripper, and searching for connection that links these episodes of violence to the misogyny that permeates life in the English suburbs.
Una, discusses this with the journalist Linda Chiaramonte and Silvia Carboni from the della Casa delle donne per non subire violenza Onlus. [center for women against violence]