Exhibition of the finalists for the Arci Farben Prize for illustration and comicsConfinimmaginari

november 21st – 30th | Circolo Arci La Staffa
opening november 21st  h 9.30 p.m

promoted by Arci Bologna
in collaboration with Circolo Arci La Staffa e ArciSolidarietà Bologna
with the contribution of Regione Emilia-Romagna nell’ambito del progetto Polimero promosso da Arci Emilia-Romagna, and with the sponsorship of L’Artistica.

The fifth edition of the Farben National Prize is dedicated to “imaginary borders” and to the visual representation of physical spaces, real or imaginary, through the medium of illustration and comic.

Borders are lines, a boundary between inside and outside, an incorporeal curve that marks a distinction. The border is also a drawing, a place to imagine the world that has always found his concrete expression in cartography and geography.
Farben’s “Confinimmaginari” contest asked participants to face with two different ways of imagining the world: in the first one, they had to deal with a distopic reality where the continental drift never happened; in the other one, they were asked to visually represent different definitions of the term “border” as given by renowned authors.
The finalists will display their artworks at Circolo Arci La Staffa and will be rewarded in the opening night on wednesday November 21st at 9.30 pm.
The winners of the Farben Prize will be chosen by a jury of illustrators and cartoon artists.