Francesca Pizzo | La porta del Sì

Atelier Sì
opening november 24th h 6.30 p.m

Francesca Pizzo, author and tattooist, performs on the front door of Atelier Sì, inspired by the concept of the door itself: perceived as a limit, the chance for a transition or a relocation, the willingness to move from one context to another. The possibility to shut it and the need to open it. The door intended as a place of the mind separating or linking, widening or shrinking spaces. The door as an infinite loop of continuous crossings.


Francesca Pizzo was born in Bologna, where she lives and works. She teamed up with Angelo Casarrubia to create the duo Melampus, with whom she made three albums and toured through Italy. In 2017, she created the musical project Cristallo. She collaborates with Atelier Sì since 2016 as an interpreter in the show De Facto.