Antonella Selva | Cronache dalle periferie dell’Impero

november 21st – 30th | ExAequo – Bottega del Mondo
inauguration wednesday november 21st h 7 p.m

“It will take years and defeat is always the most likely option, but we can not help but try.”
– Mimmo Perrotta, sociology researcher and FuoriMercato activist

In a globalized world, where order is being redefined, there are suburbs which resist marginalization. A Scottish island where a man builds a road to save his village from abandonment. A village in the south of Morocco, almost swallowed by the desert, which rejects the end of its history. Sos Rosarno, a Calabrian association that operates to combat “caporalato”, exploitation and illegal employment. Three stories geographically distant, but humanly close, told by the author of “Femministe”. A present-day story.