Elisa Muliere | Il tempo sei tu che lo decidi

november 17th – january 12nd | ADIACENZE
inauguration saturday november 17th h 6.30 p.m

With ‘Il mio regno’, (Edizioni Sido, October 2018), Elisa Muliere returns to illustration with a contemporary and feminine interpretation of Oscar Wilde’s most famous fable. “The Happy Prince” is a princess, reliable and lively, who knows how to look into the intimate heart of her kingdom – and that kingdom is us, humanity. Like Anne Sexton, she rewrites the fairytale-like archetype to adapt it to our present through a story that hurts, heals and moves us.
On November 23 Adiacenze invites the public to admire the original tables of this second volume by Elisa Muliere, displayed for the occasion of the BBB18 Festival within the personal exhibition of ‘Il tempo sei tu che lo decidi’ by Alice Zannoni and Adiacenze .