Marco Ficarra | Visioni mute-voli

november 16th – january 6th | Modo Infoshop
inauguration november 16th h 6.30 p.m

Put your hands on your eyes and tell me what you see. Faces, looks, poses. Behind and through thick black lines, spots of color and intertwining, there is a story, maybe a thousand, maybe more. The sign has a pureness that hurts, that exudes transparent words: the work doesn’t become reality but exactly the opposite occurs, the viewer enters the frame, questioning themself, building narratives with the feeling of having arrived too early or too late for a snapshot that hits you in the gut, that reminds you of what is there and emphasizes what is not. The protagonists of the paintings seem like they’re waiting to be watched, yet their gestures betray an innocence that the the exhibition does not provide. Their eyes aren’t shy, they ask impertinent questions. Each face burns with ravenous looks that seem to ask: “And you, what do you see?”

Exhibition of Marco Ficarra, illustrator and author of the comic strip Stalag XB for BeccoGiallo publisher and Lettering teacher at the two-year course of the Language of Comics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.