Marta Baroni | Il mondo di Sotto di Uma

november 15th  – 30th  | Senape Vivaio Urbano
thursday november 15th  h 7 p.m

Welcome to the Underworld, the place where wishes come true. Or at least, it used to be like that. Until the arrival of little Uma, the wicked self-proclaimed queen who subdues the whole kingdom to her wishes. From the new children’s title of the BaBao series of BAO Publishing, Uma del mondo di sotto, Marta Baroni designs an exhibition in which the characters and magical places of the story come alive. Between cloth puppets and scenography _ind yourself exploring the Valley of Nostalgia, and encountering the Spirits of the Whisper, Forgotten Desires and all the other inhabitants of this strange, enchanted and cursed kingdom.


Uma del mondo di Sottotuesday november 20th h 08 a.m - 1 p.m  h 5.30 pm - 7.00 p.m| Senape Vivaio Urbano

with Marta Baroni
For further information about exhibition, time and workshop curator Govoni Thomas 342 8772223