Volker Schlecht | The soul of Motown

november 10th – dicember 9th | Studio SoundLab
inauguration with Volker Schlecht 10th November h 7 p.m
to follow, live set by Bob Meanza

For the 50th anniversary of Motown, EMI and Edel Verlag Publishing invited the Berlin-based Drushba Pankow studio, formed by Volker Schlecht and Alexandra Kardinar, to create an illustrated book on the golden years of the Detroit-based record label, in collaboration with music critic Torsten Gross. The exhibition, presented by Tecnica Mista – K2 studio animation meetings, shows the tables of the book which recall the history of Motown in fifteen songs, introduced by a lettering with the title of the tracks and followed by the original text and an illustrated essay.


november 9th  - 11st | Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita

An animation workshop focused on a series of walk cycles will be held at the Serre dei Giardini Margherita, via Castiglione 134, Bologna.

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Volker Schlecht is an illustrator, animator and teacher at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences.