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06.03 - 12.04

Anthologic Exhibition
Museo Civico Archeologico


Study meeting
and exhibition opening
Pinacoteca Nazionale

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Bilbolbul image has been drawn by Maicol & Mirco, members of Superamici group, authors of the exhibitions in Piazza del Nettuno.

Bilbolbul. International comic festival is back with the third edition: from the 4th to the 8th of march in Bologna, exhibitions, panels, screenings. dedicaces, Italian and international guests.

The third edition is dedicated to Sergio Toppi and his work, with Il Segno della Storia exhibition, a symposium and a catalogue that collects essays wrote by critics and artists. Altan, Charles Burns and Thomas Ott are going to be the other main guests of the festival.

The relation between Comics and History connects many appointments. Ángel de la Calle exhibition, dedicated to Tina Modotti, and panels in which comic authors and historians are going to discuss about the history of Argentina, the connections between comics and adventure with Sergio Bonelli, the fascist era with the graphic novel of de Santis and Colaone, the Spanish Civil War with Vittorio Giardino, the actuality of Ninetieth century with Gianfranco Manfredi and Bryan Talbot, the relation with autobiography with Marino Neri and Michele Petrucci, the ways to connect History and narration with David B. and Pino Cacucci.

The contemporary scene is being represented by the exhibitions of Gosia Machon, Christopher Hittinger, Marino Neri, the Finnish group Glömp, with Tommi Musturi and Hanneriina Moisseinen, the artists selected in the Flashfumetto competition, Fabio Sera, winner of the Coop for Words competition.

“Diverso da me, all’improvviso non sono più io…” is the title of the exhibition of the competition that involved over 1.000 kids from elementary and intermediate schools of Bologna and its province and it's the core of the Kids section of this edition.

The movie exhibition presents some first runs for the Italian audience, as the biographic documentary on Charles Schulz; two movies about argentinian comics scene; the animations of the Japanese artist Naoyuki Tsuji; a screening about the Californian Nineties street art scene.

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