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"The results have been surprising, both for the number of people and for the attention of the press"

The initiative had a great success, more than what we expected, thanks also to many collaborators and four beautiful sunny days that made the atmosphere really nice. The results have been surprising, both for the number of people attending the exhibitions, the panels, the video projections; and for the attention that the local and national press, the tv and radios dedicated to the event, before it started and at the and of it.

It really seemed that the festival managed to involve a new kind of public, not only usual readers or professionists, but a very heterogeneous one: the festival’s structure has been helpful to this, with exhibitions and events distributed in different places of the city, with the mix between different languages and with the bookshop in the central square where artists had their sessions of dedicaces.

"Appreciated the Festival's structure with exhibitions and events distributed in different places of the city"The exhibition “Magnus. Pirata dell’immaginario” has been the biggest event for the number of visitors involved: more than one thousand during the inauguration, confirming how much people estimate Roberto Raviola’s work. And even after the inauguration the affluence was really good: many young people, many University’s and Academy’s students, an heterogeneous public made of people keen on comics but also just curious.

The presence of 120/150 persons attending panels characterized by the strong scientific analysis,  like the one at the opening of the festival with Giulio Giorello and Antonio Faeti or the ones about Magnus’ work, was also very encouraging.

"All events have been a very good sharing of an heterogeneous public coming from different places of Italy and from others countries"

The panel within the Officine Minganti, like the projection of the Ratman’s film, saw around 200 persons listening to Leo Ortolani. Anche l’inaugurazione della mostra di un autore ancora poco noto come il finlandese Marko Turunen ha visto un afflusso sopra ad ogni aspettativa. Naturalmente grande attesa per la proiezione del documentario dedicato a Mattotti e per l’incontro serale con Gipi che è stato spostato proprio per contenere il pubblico previsto.

"The good affluence of people attendings meetings has demostrated a strong interest around contemporary comics" But a part of the numerical dimension, the most important things have been to promote the contemporary comics among readers that were exclusively linked to authors of the past, to introduce in Italy young authors that for the first time have been published here, and to create different occasions of “languages crossover” involving writers, filmmakers, experts on different matters to discuss on comics or with comics authors.

Moreover, the authors, the publishers, the journalists and the public seemed to have appreciated the itinerant structure of the festival, a pleasant way to discover new artists and the places of the city. At the end we want to thank again all the people that participated actively to the festival, because without the collaboration of all the authors, associations, galleries, museums, libraries, publishers, readers involved, it wouldn’t have been possible to realize the initiative. Really thanks.

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