BilBolBul Festival Internazionale di Fumetto is a project dedicated to art-comic aimed at bringing to the audience the work of national and international important artists as well as young talents.
BilBolBul cultural initiative was born in Bologna in 2001 with the aim to promote – all year long – various comic-related activities. This experience and the net built through it put the basis to lunch – in 2007 – the festival.
Through a schedule that includes exhibitions, meetings, screenings, performances and workshops, BilBolBul creates a connection between comic and other contemporary culture languages.
Beside managing comic-divulgation initiatives, BilBolBul invests in new readers' education through the organization of workshops and other activities aimed at promoting the practice of reading in schools and libraries.
BilBolBul edited several essay-collections dedicated to the authors presented with anthological exhibitions during the festival (Magnus, De Luca, Toppi, Muñoz), and thanks to this activity the project won Franco Fossati award for essay writing in 2007, 2008 and 2009, and Boscarato award in 2008.
Bilbolbul International Comic Festival is organized by Hamelin Associazione Culturale.
Since its birth Hamelin has been putting together cultural promotion and pedagogic vocation, pursuing the aim to use literature, comic, illustration and cinema as educative tools to involve children and adolescents.
Hamelin organizes spaces dedicated to the reading experience and comic workshops for schools, conferences and updating courses for teachers and librarians, educational exhibitions, workshops and public meetings with authors. The association edits a four-monthly magazine called "Hamelin storie figure pedagogia" and since 2007 has been presenting BilBolBul Festival Internazionale di Fumetto in Bologna.